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the WALL
seasparrow ciao a tutte/i (T o F)
inchiostro il funerale coi tortellini? manco a Bologna lo fanno... forse a Modena, ma forse...
Scarlett80 Quello č coi tortellini...t sei sbagliaaatooo!!!!
inchiostro il funerale con le mandorle? Come Giovanni Rana?
Scarlett80 sii..e voglio funerale coi cavalli....e i confetti con le mandorle pizzute....mi raccomando!!!
inchiostro qui? davanti a tutti? Chettraggggeeeediaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Scarlett80 ahhahaahahahahahahha muoio....
inchiostro allora č una talpa a forma di mozzarella avariata?
Scarlett80 Si....ha paerto il franchising con negozi accede tramite pozzetti...e si transita in tubi corrugati blu....troppo forti....
inchiostro fibra ottica? che č un negozio di occhiali?
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HI, Welcome in the first italian community dedicated to soft women and their admirers.
The "Bibivù group" was born the 12 june 2000 from the idea of few men in love with the sensuality of soft girl "soft as a kiss". The group wants to propose an alternative idea from the dominant "skinny at any cost". Other than the main subject, the group is a place for meeting, talk, and have fun with hundreeds of men and women in Italy and all over the world. To comunicate with each other we use 3 tools: a forum, a chat (accessible even via web), and  Yahoo (Messenger).
Often we organize meetings, national and locals.

Who we are?
Is hard to sintesize in few words experiences, ideas, anbitions very different between the hundreeds of users of this site. The group is organized by a staff, composed by a webmaster (TWiN), that dedicate few hours of his spare time to the construction of the site.  But the website is also builded everyday from eveyone that everyday login and partecipate to the site life.  To start to get to know us, read the profiles page !
Read the presentation
Bibivù  hopes you will have fun surfing this site

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