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On a Blue Moon

Author seasparrow 03/09/12 - 18:31
On a Blue Moon

Explanation: Rising at sunset, the gorgeous Full Moon of August 31
became the second Full Moon in a month. According to modern reckoning,
that makes it a Blue Moon.

In fact, parts of the Full Moon do look a little blue in this sharp lunar portrait.

Taken just hours before the exact full phase in delightfully clear skies
over Nottingham, UK, it features eye-catching bright rays extending from
the prominent young crater Tycho in the Moon's southern hemisphere.

The slightly color enhanced image also brings out subtle shades of blue,
a real characteristic of terrain with a high content of titanium oxide and iron.
The blue lunar terrain on the right includes the dark flat expanse
of the Sea of Tranquility and the Apollo 11 landing site.

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