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antico calcolatore

Author seasparrow 10/09/12 - 17:54
More than a hundred years ago an extraordinary mechanism
was found by sponge divers at the bottom of the sea near the island
of Antikythera. It astonished the whole international community
of experts on the ancient world. Was it an astrolabe? Was it an astronomical clock?
Or something else?

Any suggestion that the mechanism is a fake is quickly ruled out
on examining the mechanism at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.
From the state of the remaining fragments, it is very clear that the mechanism
has been under the sea for a very long time. Further evidence that it is not a fake
is literally emerging from inside the mechanism itself. Much more evidence
of the purpose and function of the mechanism has been revealed
by the recently acquired CT data. This includes detailed inscriptions
which would have been almost impossible to fake.

What is it? It was found at the bottom of the sea aboard an ancient Greek ship.
Its seeming complexity has prompted decades of study, although some of its functions
remained unknown. Recent X-rays of the device have now confirmed the nature
of the Antikythera mechanism, and discovered several surprising functions.
The Antikythera mechanism has been discovered to be a mechanical computer
of an accuracy thought impossible in 80 BC, when the ship that carried it sank.

Such sophisticated technology was not thought to be developed by humanity
for another 1,000 years. Its wheels and gears create a portable orrery of the sky
that predicted star and planet locations as well as lunar and solar eclipses.
The Antikythera mechanism, shown above,
is 33 centimeters high and similar in size to a large book.

per quello che mi risulta a tutt'oggi
continua ad essere ignorato dalla storia ufficiale
dato che la suddetta storia ufficiale
non e' in grado di spiegare quale societa'
abbia avuto la capacita' tecnica di costruirlo
e come questa societa' sia letteralmente
sparita nel nulla

infatti anche secondo wikipedia solo
nel corso del Medioevo furono inventati i primi orologi meccanici

Author Amadis 13/09/12 - 21:28
Seas..non mi dire che non conoscevi l'orologio di Antikythera!!

Odio dire "Mi sono spiegato bene?" mentre sto pensando "Perch non capisci un cazzo?

Author assopigliatette assopigliatette 25/09/12 - 10:43
IPID: 6E53E5448D
la cosa particolare la data che sembra indicare nei meccanismi... il VI secolo a.C.
imi trebuie pupici :)

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