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Daily diet, keep a good complexion

Author NicoleDeng 06/09/16 - 07:48
IPID: 23755FF790
Daily diet, keep a good complexion
A fruit
Every day to eat fresh fruit that contains vitamin rich, at least one long persistence will receive clear beautiful skin effect.
The second dish of vegetables
Should be eating two plates there is a wide selection of vegetables every day, don't eat a vegetable. There must be a plate of vegetables in a day is a seasonal fresh, dark green color. It's best to eat some Chinese green onion, tomato. Salad celery, carrot, green lettuce leaves, etc., to avoid the heating cooking on the destruction of vitamin A, B1, etc. Per person per day vegetable, actual intake should maintain at about 400 grams.
Meals before this song can fiber herbal soup eat plants
Eat three meals a day before will be a great assist for healthy weight loss, can help the rapid metabolism of fat.
Four bowls of rough rice
Every day 4 bowls grains coarse meal can be healthy body beauty to raise color figure. To overcome the finishing staple food hobby, resist the temptation of delicious snacks.
Five copies of protein food

Author NicoleDeng 06/09/16 - 07:49
IPID: 23755FF790
Eat the flesh of any animal 50 grams per day, of course; it is best to lean, any kinds of fish 50 grams (except net bone weight); 200 grams of tofu or bean products; One egg; 1 cup of milk or milk powder granule. The matching board with low-fat plant proteins of high-fat animal protein, or use the plant sex protein a small amount of animal protein, the method of matching board not only economical and practical, and less animal fat and cholesterol, is recognized as a "strong and handsome cooking mode."

Author dea-verde 06/09/16 - 11:59
IPID: 71FA1DA439
no thanks...
I'm so scared of the word "diet". I eat and nothing else.

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