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  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • poetica: Boh clicca sulla bandierina
  • stanzanumero: Ho il sito mezzo in spagnolo e mezzo in inglese. :D Qualcun'altro?
  • ertec: buon pomeriggio a tuttie.
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  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • seasparrow: ciao a tutte/i (V o F)
  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • TheSimon: Buongiorno, Semplicemente_me :-)
  • Semplicemente_me: Buongiornoo!:) :)
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che What Bibivu is, what we mean for soft girl and admirer, to whom is dedicated the site, the opening of the group to everybody that want to know us, who builds Bibivu, and what people talk about in chat, forums, and meetings.

Bibivu' & Rina
The mascotte for the comunity of Bibivu'

They talk about us.
Are we FAmouse?

Also you can build Bibivu
There are many ways that you can use to be the protagonist or help Bibivu grow.  Write in the forum, be present in chat and meetings, invite friends and family, send some of your works related to soft girls and admirers.

la netiquette del forum: The good Bibivu User

If you want to use the site, please read this

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