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  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • poetica: Boh clicca sulla bandierina
  • stanzanumero: Ho il sito mezzo in spagnolo e mezzo in inglese. :D Qualcun'altro?
  • ertec: buon pomeriggio a tuttie.
  • seasparrow:
  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • seasparrow: ciao a tutte/i (V o F)
  • seasparrow: yaawwwnnnn
  • TheSimon: Buongiorno, Semplicemente_me :-)
  • Semplicemente_me: Buongiornoo!:) :)

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St. Patty's Day

St. Patty's Day
Dressed up and was out all day like that, it was fun!
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Okay! So I am here out of sheer curiosity. I do not speak Italian anywhere near fluently, though I know some Spanish and French, I can usually figure out what someone is trying to get across because all of the languages have similarities. Forgive me if I have to resort to using a translator! I am a kind and trusting person until someone gives me reason not to be. I know how to hold onto a lesson. I am in school right now to be a nurse, but I am working in the medical field as a medication administrator. Yes its me in the pictures I have up. As for likes, dislikes, and favorite things Ask! Being put on the spot makes me forget everything!

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